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I am a Numismatist, Renaissance Man & American in Spirit. Chile-head & tea enthusiast @TeaPartyNu. Blogger since 2002. Podcast show host @EgoNetCast.

9/11 10 Years Later

It is now 10 years since the attack. Bosch Fawstin mentioned the miniseries, The Path to 9/11, during our conversation on EGO podcast on September ... [ egoist.blogspot.com ]

Objectivist Round Up Blog Carnival

I want to thank Rational Jenn for the opportunity to host this week's edition of the Objectivist Round Up. Last week was hosted by Rob Abiera, The ... [ egoist.blogspot.com ]

Your Host EGO Three Times

How did you spend the Labor Day weekend? I recently hosted a blog talk radio show with David Stiernholm and tomorrow at 9 PM ET I will interview Bo... [ egoist.blogspot.com ]

Interview with Bosch Fawstin

Listen to my interview with Bosch Fawstin. You could subscribe to the RSS feed and download the audio file (MP3). You could find EGO podcasts on iT... [ egoist.blogspot.com ]

Talk on a New Online Site

You could now talk to me on a new online site called SiteTalk. This "new online global community" has an online mall there you could buy plenty of ... [ egoist.blogspot.com ]

Say What? Cartoon by John Cox

What do you say about John Cox's cartoon? Could you relate to any music band? [ egoist.blogspot.com ]

Preparing for Harvest

It is time to prepare for the harvest this autumn. What will you harvest in the near future? [ egoist.blogspot.com ]

Saturday Tea Party

After I read the articles on the Tea Party movement in the daily newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, I thought it was time for a real tea party! Check ou... [ egoist.blogspot.com ]

Johnny Rockets on Undercover Boss

Have you been eating at Johnny Rockets restaurant chain? I watched the episode with John Fuller, President and CEO of Johnny Rockets, on Undercover... [ egoist.blogspot.com ]

Hosting Objectivist Round Up on 9/8

This week's Objectivist round up is hosted by Jenn Casey on Rational Jenn blog. I will host the blog carnival on September 8. I will submit a post ... [ egoist.blogspot.com ]