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Sounds: Wedding - birds by the Panke canal

For our latest kiez exploration tour (check out the blog post here: http://maedelswithamicrophone.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/kiez-exploration-5-weddi... [ soundcloud.com ]

Sounds: Save the East Side Gallery protest

This morning protesters gathered at East Side Gallery to stop the historical and protected monument from being destroyed to make way for luxury apa... [ soundcloud.com ]

Sounds: Russian Orthodox graveyard in Tegel

This is what the RUssian Orthodox graveyard up in Tegel sounds like! [ soundcloud.com ]

Podcast: The East Side Gallery Protest

In 1987, Ronald Reagan stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate and demanded that the Berlin Wall be torn down. Twenty-three years later, Berliners d... [ soundcloud.com ]

Sounds: David Hasselhoff singing at the East Side Gallery

David Hasselhoff came to lend his support at the East Side Gallery on March 17th and sang his famous song "Looking for Freedom" [ soundcloud.com ]

Sounds: Three accordion buskers at Alexanderplatz

Three accordion players busking on the U2 platform at Alexanderplatz on Easter Monday. [ soundcloud.com ]

Sounds: At the top of the Park Inn

At the top of the Park Inn at Alexanderplatz. [ soundcloud.com ]

Sounds: Stuttgart - the Seilbahn (a wooden train!)

The creaking sounds of Stuttgart's wooden Seilbahn. The train suns every 20 minutes until 6pm from Südheimer Platz to the Waldfriedhof (ticket is t... [ soundcloud.com ]

Mini Mädel: Treats for Romy

Romy was born in the small town of Görlitz on the Polish-German border eight years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Sweet treats, such as chocol... [ soundcloud.com ]

Sounds: Buskers at the Turkish Market

The Maybachufer Turkish Market in Kreuzberg/Neukölln is a Berlin staple and is not only a great place to buy fruits, veggies and fabric at rock bot... [ soundcloud.com ]