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Eclipse: Adding prefix rule for fields

As I’m every now and then trying out new things in Eclipse I found out that’s quite annoying to use any kind of convention that includes prefixing ... [ maffelu.net ]

Conditional XML serializing in C#

This is a tutorial on how to use conditions when serializing data to XML. All properties that are serialized can have a condition attached to it so... [ maffelu.net ]

XML serializing in C#

This is a tutorial on how to serialize data to XML in C#. It also shows how to write a generic serializer. [ maffelu.net ]

Using collections in VBA

This is an tutorial on how to use collections in VBA. It will show you an example of a practical use with full code. [ maffelu.net ]

How to add visual studio key bindings in Eclipse

Well, Eclipse is a great IDE but moving from VS to Eclipse has the drawback of having to learn a whole new set of short cuts. I'm no fan of that so... [ maffelu.net ]

Your first VBA module

A description of how to create a VBA module if you've never done it before. Shows you the basics in short. [ maffelu.net ]

Flooder 2

Flooder 2 is a puzzle-game with bonuses. The idea is that you remove bricks by clicking on a brick with at least one more brick of the same color n... [ maffelu.net ]

Select what image and text should be shown on facebook like button click

I added a like-button on my page but when someone pressed it facebook just seemed to select a random image and some random text from the page to sh... [ maffelu.net ]

Adding a facebook comment and like button

Ever wondered how you add a facebook like button or comment area? I did and I wrote a tutorial on how you do it. It was quite quick and simple, rea... [ maffelu.net ]

How to create and use a month-picker in WPF

When you first start out with WPF you'll quickly find that there is no datetime-picker available. Even worse, when you get a hold of the official d... [ maffelu.net ]