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makevoid/eventyd on GitHub

Find all FB events in your city - made for an hackaton at Applicake in Krakow [ github.com ]

makevoid/RepRap_3DM1 on GitHub

A parametric (OpenSCAD) RepRap printer based on Wallace project: whosawhatsis/RepRap-Wallace [ github.com ]

makevoid/ccmenu on GitHub

CCMenu for linux - CircleCI conntinuous integration GUI [ github.com ]

makevoid/ring_open_uri on GitHub

Ring OpenURI ruby (simplest example - with meta refresh) [ github.com ]

makevoid/blizz on GitHub

Easily load hashes into objects automatically! [ github.com ]

makevoid/paperbank on GitHub

Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator using a Rrasp. Pi and a thermal usb printer [ github.com ]

makevoid/easywallet on GitHub

Bringing the idea of a BTC Wallet that can be easily comprehensible by people. [ github.com ]

makevoid/bitcoin-client on GitHub

Provides a Ruby library to the complete Bitcoin JSON-RPC API. Implements all methods listed at https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Original_Bitcoin_client/A... [ github.com ]