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The night writing saved my life – Please don’t kill yourself

We started writing a journal for school. One night during one of my panic attacks, which came from severe sleep deprivation and stress, I sat down ... [ maloki.se ]

Spotify being dicks with notifications after Facebook

Here goes a fucking rant about why I think Spotify are being dicks with their notifications. The words fuck in various forms might be repeated vigo... [ maloki.se ]

Lessons Learned: Anxiety now and then

A few years ago I went to cognitive behavioral therapy. That together with other activities (like my interest in politics, and physical exercise) l... [ maloki.se ]

Why Heml.is reached full funding in 24hrs

To kick it off let me quickly tell you what Hemlis actually is. It’s a “kickstarted” project to create a secure messenger similar to WhatsApp, Mess... [ maloki.se ]

Suddenly it is 3 years with Flattr

When I think about it, that is been three years it feels weird. For various reasons. I can divide this into three very specific periods which each ... [ maloki.se ]