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Calligra Author - a new tool for writers

Every writer needs a good tool to be able to focus on the essential part: the writing. Today we welcome the creation of a new tool that will be de... [ blogs.fsfe.org ]

Great students, great work done!

During 2 months a couple of students aged between 13 and 17 have been helping to solve KDE tasks during the Google Code-In contest. As last year I ... [ blogs.fsfe.org ]

Get your Christmas presents: Amarok 2.5 and KDE 4.7.4 on Windows!

Our KDE-Windows team has been working silently in the background to present you a whole new experience: You can now use your preferred Desktop expe... [ blogs.fsfe.org ]

Last week in Amarok

The last days working towards a release We plan to release Amarok 2.4 at the end of this week and our developers have concentrated their efforts on... [ blogs.fsfe.org ]