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pictures for sad children by john campbell book review

weird, sad, surreal, dark and fucking funny. do yourself a favour and go to www.picturesforsadchildren.com RIGHT NOW and read the entire collectio... [ mybookshelfreview.com ]

Playboy 50 Years: The Photographs book review

This book is beautiful. Forget gorgeous girls, celebrity portraits, amazing magazine covers and ... the book is art. Hardcover, gold endpapers wi... [ mybookshelfreview.com ]

Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z Brite book review

Book review of Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z Brite. [ mybookshelfreview.com ]

The Corporation by Joel Bakan book review – get ready for anger

We have immortals amongst us. Or at least, people who have a better chance of immortality that you or I because they are not made up of flesh and b... [ mybookshelfreview.com ]

Mathew Ferguson's writing, ebooks, publishing stuff, editorial mischief and whatever else.

Writing site for Melbourne writer, editor, agent Mathew Ferguson. Download free ebooks, find torrents of other work, explore the world of publishin... [ mathewferguson.com ]

Two Sentence Stories

Two Sentence Stories! The finest and best short fiction floating around. Write, read, rate! Featuring zombies, monkeys, murder, goldfish and ... [ www.twosentencestories.com ]