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Exclusive Interview with Dee and Ricky

We are very lucky to have gotten an exclusive interview with twin brothers Dee & Ricky. They are from New York and are famous for designing unique ... [ www.bestyouneverhad.com ]

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Check out my profile at imFlattrd.com! [ imflattrd.com ]

We Love New York

Nikesports wear have been releasing videos for the upcoming World Basketball Festival taking place in New York. These five videos (one already post... [ www.bestyouneverhad.com ]

Beautiful iPhone 4 Photoshoot

Check out this beautiful photoshoot of Apple's iPhone 4. The photography is by Mark Jardine and the lighting and quality is amazing! [ www.bestyouneverhad.com ]

A new era in photography?

When digital photography arrived the world shook. Moving from 35mm (which is mighty expensive! I know from first hand experience) to digital was a ... [ www.bestyouneverhad.com ]