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Barbie the Debian Developer

Some people may have seen recently that the Barbie series has a rather sexist book out about Barbie the Computer Engineer. Fortunately, there's a w... [ blog.halon.org.uk ]

Adblock adding ads to block ads

Confused yet? The popular browser extension AdBlock for Chrome/Chromium and Safari has launched a new crowdsourced campaign - to buy up internet ad... [ blog.halon.org.uk ]

Fleeing Google

For some time, I have been concerned about the amount of data I store on Google. This post aims to show alternatives to the service. This is prima... [ blog.halon.org.uk ]

How not to be a jerk online - chauvinism

Do you remember at school, when the teachers mentioned that something would be on your "permanent record"? The big secret is that there isn't one.... [ blog.halon.org.uk ]

Liberal Murmurs

The blog of Neil McGovern. Debian Developer, Open Source Advocate and Politician [ blog.halon.org.uk ]

Unicode Heart

Nice listing of unicode hearts ready for copy and paste! [ unicodeheart.com ]