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meebey/smuxi on GitHub

Smuxi is an user-friendly and free IRC client for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X based on GNOME / GTK+ [ github.com ]

SmartIrc4net - C# IRC library

SmartIrc4net is a multi-threaded and thread-safe IRC library written in C#. It allows you to communicate with IRC servers. The API features full ch... [ smartirc4net.meebey.net ]

Debian Mono Packages

In 2004 I co-founded the Debian Mono Group. The Debian Mono Group brought the Mono platform into the Debian GNU/Linux archive. Since then I am deve... [ pkg-mono.alioth.debian.org ]

Smuxi IRC Client

Smuxi is an irssi-inspired, flexible, user-friendly and cross-platform IRC client for sophisticated users, targeting the GNOME desktop. Smuxi is... [ www.smuxi.org ]