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Episode 199: G’MIC

Download the Video! (33:10, 63MB) No Companion File! Watch at YouTube G’MIC is a lot of things that do stuff with images. You have a stand alone pr... [ blog.meetthegimp.org ]

Episode 198: Darktable revisited

Download the Video! (42:00, 80 MB) No Companion File! Watch at YouTube “darktable is an open source photography workflow application and RAW develo... [ blog.meetthegimp.org ]

Episode 197: The LGM 2014 Group Photo

Download the Video! (37:06, 124 MB) Download the Companion File! (130 MB) Watch at YouTube NOT YET I went to the Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 in Lei... [ blog.meetthegimp.org ]

GIMP Magazine – Issue 5

It’s here, the fifth issue of the GIMP Magazine. Including a long and great tutorial by Pat David, who also takes over the job of the Cover Girl. A... [ blog.meetthegimp.org ]

Episode 196: ENIAC and Me

Download the Video! (42:02, 140 MB) Download the Companion File! (3.8 MB) Watch at YouTube Some timing issues pushed this video back and back again... [ blog.meetthegimp.org ]

Episode 195: Whose RGB?

Download the Video! (24:09, 80.6 MB) Download the Companion File! (14.8 MB) Colo(u)r ist the topic this time. You are in for a ride from the electr... [ blog.meetthegimp.org ]

GIMP Team gives in to constant nagging!

As the usually well informed Steve Czajka from the GIMP Magazine reports in a special issue, the GIMP Team has started to rebrand the project. The ... [ blog.meetthegimp.org ]

Episode 194: A look into digiKam (1/2)

Download the Video! (28:46, 96 MB) This week nachbarnebenan shows how to use the KDE (and Windows) photo organizer digiKam. There is more to it, a ... [ blog.meetthegimp.org ]

Episode 193: A Mondrian UI

Download the Video! (11:50, 41.3 MB) After a too long summer break I give you a preview of one feature in the next version of GIMP – the unified tr... [ blog.meetthegimp.org ]