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An NFC PGP SmartCard For Android

Using a Yubikey Neo as an NFC based OpenPGP smartcard on Android with K-9 Mail and OpenKeychain [ grepular.com ]

Setting up IPv6 is Easier Than You Think

A simple guide for setting up IPv6 for people knowledgable in IPv4 but with little to no experience in IPv6 [ grepular.com ]

Transparent Access to I2P eepSites

Allowing transparent access to I2P eepSites on your LAN [ grepular.com ]

Understanding DNSSEC

My attempt to explain DNSSEC, after struggling to learn it [ grepular.com ]

Using Linux to Monitor Room Temperature Remotely and Cheaply

A cheap solution for monitoring the temperature in a room using a Linux host and a USB stick [ grepular.com ]

mikecardwell/pipe2imap on GitHub

Pipe2IMAP is a Perl script that will take IMAP options from the command line arguments, and an email from a PIPE, and will deliver the message via ... [ github.com ]

mikecardwell/Pinentry-PassPin on GitHub

A pinentry app that wraps around another pinentry app, but adds password protection to the PIN [ github.com ]

Abusing HTTP Status Codes to Expose Private Information

A technique for silently and automatically determining if a site visitor is currently logged into various unrelated third party websites [ grepular.com ]

Tor Circuits with Two Hops on Ubuntu

How to roll your own Tor package on Ubuntu which uses two circuits instead of the standard 3 [ grepular.com ]