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Multimedia artist and geek. I spend a lot of time balancing creative inspiration and logical analysis. Interested in free and open source software and fascinated by hacker and maker culture.

Mia Julia Eley's Studio Portfolio

Portfolio documenting a decade of my art practice utilising multiple mediums. Please check back to see the portfolio grow and help to remix, attrib... [ miaeley.com ]

Spectral Tracks

Over processed fluff, stuff from tired broken guitar strings [ soundcloud.com ]

Breakfast at Banister House

going crazy cutting up tape loops and getting busy with a stack of wax and a Yamaha SU10 for some DIY lo-fi madness, quite literaly... [ soundcloud.com ]

Daisy in chains

tweaking some glitches from the archives or rather some glitches that were tweaked [ soundcloud.com ]

Plug watt in?

moody loops fluctuating in the dark [ soundcloud.com ]

[2011-08-13] Tables turn loop

Open Source Beat currently trapped in my sampler [ soundcloud.com ]

Three Letter Word

Rinse, repeat, the feedback loop that keeps on giving. [ soundcloud.com ]

Depth at Core Arts

First attempt at recording my experiments on one of those rare occasions when I have access to a keyboard. I really can't play but I love to tinker... [ soundcloud.com ]

Layers at Core arts

messing about with layering using the midi record feature on the electric piano at Core Arts [ soundcloud.com ]