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A free tip game organizer for the European Football Championship. Compare your football prediction skills with people all over the world or just y... [ poolio.eu ]

cakePHP QR Code Helper

I wrote this little Helper to simplify the creation of QR Codes in a cakePHP app. It uses the Google Chart API, therefore Codes are generated on th... [ muxe.org ]

Anonym im Internet? Wie funktioniert Tor?

Eine kleine Einf├╝hrung in anonymes surfen und die Funktionsweise von onion routing und im speziellen Tor. [ tv.apeunit.com ]

Croogo Flattr Plugin 0.2

I updated my Croogo Flattr Plugin to be compatible with Croogo 1.3.2 [ muxe.org ]

Croogo Flattr Plugin

I created a plugin for croogo (the cakePHP CMS) to display Flattr Buttons. [ muxe.org ]