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I'm Michal Čihař, current project manager of Gammu, Wammu and phpMyAdmin, Debian developer and contributing also to some other programs.

nijel/weblate on GitHub

Web based translation tool with tight version control integration. [ github.com ]

Michal Čihař: Nice OpenStreetMap project

For quite some time, I'm contributing to OpenStreetMap. Mostly covering areas where I live or I know well, but sometime I randomly update areas whe... [ blog.cihar.com ]

Hosted Weblate

Free hosting of Weblate for free software projects. [ hosted.weblate.org ]

Michal Čihař: New phpMyAdmin theme

Today, I've finally found time to process new themes for phpMyAdmin. Result of this are two theme releases. [ blog.cihar.com ]


Weblate is web based translation tool with tight Git integration. It features simple and clean user interface, propagation of translations across s... [ weblate.org ]

Michal Čihař: OpenWRT and resolving private ranges

For quite a long time, I have a problem, that DNS in my OpenWRT box does not resolv local range on wan interface. Today I have leared that it is do... [ blog.cihar.com ]

Michal Čihař: Tiny blog improvements

Finally, I've found some time to do some improvements on this blog engine - it now includes proper description in HTML headers and Flattr buttons a... [ blog.cihar.com ]

Michal Čihař: Flattr losing it's momentum?

From what I can see on both my personal Flattr account (where was never really much going on) and on (more attractive) phpMyAdmin's profile, the am... [ blog.cihar.com ]

Michal Čihař Photography

Michal Čihař's photo gallery, mostly landscape oriented. [ photos.cihar.com ]