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Google Trusted Stores

I alwayz felt the certifications for e-commerce stores didn\'t really give me as a store owner anything of an edge, Google Trusted Stores seems to ... [ mikael.palmstedt.com ]

Amazon.de down ...

... even giants blunder, Amazon down for considerable time during regular business hours! [ mikael.palmstedt.com ]

Knatten gillar inte Israel

Israel verkar inte gilla fri press och Knatten har lite tankar kring detta (nån minut in i inslaget). [ mikael.palmstedt.com ]

Bytelove Inc alive

    A few hours ago the first customers picked out their packages from Bytelove Inc, the new US subsidiary of Bytelove AB. This would be the end (o... [ mikael.palmstedt.com ]

Spiegel Cover Nr. 33 - Netz

After a certain trial the debate regarding a free vs controlled net has pretty much exploded here in Germany. Here the front cover from Der Spiegel... [ mikael.palmstedt.com ]

Ukrainska Chumak

Rolig artikel på DI om Ukrainska Chumak, som grundades och drivs av två utflyttade Svenskar. Oftast brukar det ju ses som negativt att Svenskar fly... [ mikael.palmstedt.com ]


Bytelove.com/facebook In aug 2007 I started pushing the first ads on facebook, the results where amazing (even though the service was barely workin... [ mikael.palmstedt.com ]

20 år efter murens fall

Igår var det värsta trafikkaoset utanför kontoret pga alla avspärrningar i stan. 20 år sedan Berlinmurens fall och man kan förstå vilka minnen det ... [ mikael.palmstedt.com ]

The Pirate Bay Verdict

The Pirate Bay Verdict has fallen and its clear that the judges was influenced by the government and they in turn by the old world copyright lobbyi... [ mikael.palmstedt.com ]

Onlinemarketing spend February - March 2008

Judging solely on my own sites and projects the onlinemarketing spend seems to be growing quite a lot, at least for such tiny publishers as myself.... [ mikael.palmstedt.com ]