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Flowers for my feet

So I was on the rue Saint Paul in the Marais yesterday, a trip to Thanksgiving to get French's mustard and PopTarts (les PopTarts de Proust, OK??).... [ pamela.poole.free.fr ]

November number six

It's hard to believe this is my sixth November in Paris. It may be my last! We'll almost surely be leaving Paris and heading to the countryside bef... [ pamela.poole.free.fr ]

Left-wing trash (LWT)

A person accustoms himself to what he is, after all, and if he's lucky he learns to hold in somewhat lower esteem all other ways of being, so as no... [ pamela.poole.free.fr ]

everyday splendor

There is splendor in every day, and it's right there in plain sight. Just slow down, squint a little, and give it a try. [ everydaysplendor.wordpress.com ]

If content is king, why are content creators slaves?

I've been yakking (here and here) about how bloggers are frequently offered "exposure" instead of money for their work. What "exposure" really mean... [ pamela.poole.free.fr ]

I’ve got a blister from touching everything I see*

Don't ever get a weird disease if you're anywhere even remotely near the age of menopause because nobody will believe there's anything wrong with y... [ pamela.poole.free.fr ]

Swamps, rats, tortoises, hares, fish, poetry, etc.

I wrote my first poem, about a kitten, when I was nine. I still have that piece of very wide-ruled paper in the basement somewhere. It was a school... [ pamela.poole.free.fr ]

Dancing is a state of mind

I got a Christmas present this year. Just one, which is as it should be, since I've made it abundantly clear that I'm anti-stuff for stuff's sake, ... [ pamela.poole.free.fr ]

The party’s over (or at least it’s getting a little late)

So there I was a year and a half ago with a brand-new (used) dog, a circumstance that came about in part due to my desire to drag my ass away from ... [ pamela.poole.free.fr ]


Christmas was a big deal when you were a kid and it's a big deal when you have little kids but otherwise it's no big deal. It remains to be seen wh... [ pamela.poole.free.fr ]