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I am an artist and musician, I make albums, videos, paintings and drawings and love.

These Stones are Meant for Throwing

My blog, it's all about music. Mostly music from St. John's Newfoundland. There are a lot of videos I took of local bands I admire, plus this is a ... [ throwingstonesatyou.blogspot.com ]

Patrick Canning's myspace

Should I even bother submitting my myspace page here? Probably not, but I'll try anyway. All content made by me. [ www.myspace.com ]

Sex Lives of the Paralyzed - Album by Patrick Canning

The complexities and pointlessness of sexual relations and the confronting of inevitable physical and mental decline are the two main themes of thi... [ patrickcanning.bandcamp.com ]

SUPERGOD! ~ Molloy lays in a field his mouth filling with rain

An experimental video I made for a tune from SUPERGOD!'s release "Rabid Peripheral Mermaid". Just taking a mosey up Signal hill with my missus and ... [ www.youtube.com ]

a man pees a hole through his pants ~ SUPERGOD!!!

A music video from the album "Rabid Peripheral Mermaid" Download and listen to the whole album here for Free: http://supergod.rpmchallenge.com/ ... [ www.youtube.com ]



"Crutches" - Song by Patrick Canning

A music video for the song "Crutches" off my album "Sex Lives of The Paralyzed" (available at Amazon.com or itunes, cough, cough..) I actually spen... [ www.youtube.com ]

On Christmas Day The World Ended

Merry Freakin' Christmas!! If you love the Christmas classics you can buy this song off my Bandcamp page here: http://patrickcanning.bandcamp.co... [ www.youtube.com ]