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Skit My Boyfriend Says

BF battling with the concept of Rift the MMO [ phobicgamer.com ]

Home Sweet Home

Home from vacation! Picture of my new terrorist teapot. [ phobicgamer.com ]

Contact (theme for Photo Sunday)

Simple photo for the theme "Contact" [ phobicgamer.com ]

Finding an old trip

I'm scanning old negatives and found these pics from an old trip with a friend [ phobicgamer.com ]

Årets Bild 2011

Lite tankar kring Årets Bild 2011 [ phobicgamer.com ]

Postive Negative

In which I decide to start another project, sorting through and scanning all my old photo negatives. [ phobicgamer.com ]

Min Gata i Stan

Tankar kring mina 13 år på Telefonplan [ phobicgamer.com ]