75 Flattrs Received From 63 People

Windows Installer – Worked around

I've talked about Windows Installer (the tool that parses these .MSI files) before and I've never really convinced that this technology really does... [ www.gnegg.ch ]

Why is nobody using SSL client certificates?

Did you know that ever since the days of Netscape Navigator 3.0, there is a technology that allows you to securely sign on without using passwords ... [ www.gnegg.ch ]

git branch in ZSH prompt

Today, I came across a little trick on how to output the current git branch on your bash prompt. This is very useful, but not as much for me as I'm... [ www.gnegg.ch ]

DNSSEC to fix the SSL mess?

After Firesheep it has become clear that there's no way around SSL. But still many people (and I'm including myself) are unhappy with the fact that... [ www.gnegg.ch ]

Find relation sizes in PostgreSQL

Like so many times before, today I was yet again in the situation where I wanted to know which tables/indexes take the most disk space in a particu... [ www.gnegg.ch ]


Today, I was looking into the new jnlp_href way of launching a Java Applet. Just like applet-launcher, this allows one to create applets that depen... [ www.gnegg.ch ]

Why node.js excites me

Today, on Hacker News, an article named "Why node.js disappoints me" appeared - right on the day I returned back from jsconf.eu (awesome conference... [ www.gnegg.ch ]

Do spammers find pleasure in destroying fun stuff?

Recently, while reading through the log file of the mail relay used by tempalias, I noticed a disturbing trend: Apparently, SPAM was being sent thr... [ www.gnegg.ch ]

Temporary Email Aliases

Generate a temporary email alias with limited validity: Either for a certain amount of days and/or a certain amount of messages received. Email sen... [ tempalias.com ]