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The Future of Money is Going on Tour!

Back in February we presented The Future of Money and The Future of Art at Transmediale in Berlin. At the festival I had the pleasure of meeting Ch... [ www.emergence.cc ]

The Future of Art Micro-Grant Nominees: Cast Your Vote!

Jason Gleeson Video Essayist, Writer & Journalist (Knowmad) Describe your work as an artist; what are you doing that's amazing, new, beautiful or b... [ www.emergence.cc ]

Manifesting the Social API

The Social API Lately there has been quite a bit of dialogue about writing a Social API (application programming interface) so that individuals and... [ www.emergence.cc ]

The Future of Art

The Future of Art an immediated autodocumentary What are the defining aesthetics of art in the networked era? How is mass collaboration changing no... [ www.emergence.cc ]

Future of Art Handbills

Our station at Transmediale has a ceiling full of bank notes! The notes are actually Future of Art Handbills. They describe and spread the word abo... [ www.emergence.cc ]

Future of Art Videoblog: Episode 3

Creating infographics to communicate about our crowdfunding and micro-grant. Running errands in Berlin, a city which could be the future of art its... [ www.emergence.cc ]

Immediated Autodocumentary Infographic: How to Participate in the Future of Art

Distributed Collaborative Storytelling This infographic shows how our project opens up and implodes the traditional documentary making process into... [ www.emergence.cc ]

Future of Art Videoblog: Episode 2

Reflections on the interview process. Intentions for this year's festival. Meeting the other Open Zone participants. [ www.emergence.cc ]

Introducing the Future of Art Project, an Immediated Autodocumentary

We're making an immediated autodocumentary at Transmediale 2011. Participate by sharing your thoughts and media with us: Tweet using the #futureofa... [ www.emergence.cc ]

Interview: Zeesy Powers

Skype interview number two! Zeesy Powers is an artist working with digital projection-based performances, painting, confrontational relational expe... [ www.emergence.cc ]