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student of mathematical computer science, web developer, photographer, traveller [ twitter.com ]

The last month

Time accelerates exponentially, it seems. I had three more weeks on campus before my sublease ended and I moved to Rick in Sonoma for another week,... [ www.poeschko.com ]

Campus impressions

(no content provided...) [ www.poeschko.com ]

L.A. and San Diego

Fourth of September was Labor Day, so we (Pablo, Katja, Rossana, me) decided to use the long weekend and go to Los Angeles and San Diego. No trains... [ www.poeschko.com ]

Extreme Geeky Tidying Up: Sorting image colors with Python and Hilbert curves

There are levels of tidiness. Tidy. Very Tidy. Totally Deranged Tidy. Geeky Tidy. After sharing these awesome pictures by the Swiss "artist" Ursus ... [ www.poeschko.com ]

To the North

After renting an awesome car—a black Hyundai Santa Fe—that would be big enough to let us sleep in it, Johanna and I continued our trip to the north... [ www.poeschko.com ]

To the South

In the second week that Johanna was here, we took Rick's car and went south. We made a quick stop in Monterey to stay at his friend Seth for one ni... [ www.poeschko.com ]

Rock and Roll

Lucky Johanna and I had tickets for the sold-out Outside Lands festival in the San Francisco Golden Gate Park last Saturday. :) PARC intern Ashok j... [ www.poeschko.com ]

Hiking Yosemite

After a small Friday student party on campus with burning benches and free drinks for everyone, which was eventually stopped by campus security, we... [ www.poeschko.com ]

Death and reincarnation of some bitten fruit

Usually, when I turn on my computer, I don't spend a second thinking about whether it will actually turn on. From now on I probably will. I just wa... [ www.poeschko.com ]