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freelance software developer + @enoughrec netlabel curator + @tpolm demoscener + @xdatelier hacker art experimentalist

ps's House of Warlight CLOTs

Custom Ladders and Tournaments for use of the Warlight online game user members. [ www.tpolm.org ]

Mana Burn

In the wake of the Leviathan Sun a series of 800 digital calamities were blended together, instilled from the shrewd darkness glimmering light, lib... [ tpolm.org ]

Under a Seering Sky

Web-based cyberpunk gamebook about big brother, hackers and zombies. [ www.enoughrecords.scene.org ]

Nuclear Taco Sensor Helmet Gameshow

Nuclear Taco Sensor Helmet Gameshow is a project entry for the 48h hack project of Sapo Codebits 2011. The concept of the competition was to develo... [ tpolm.org ]

ps - Podcast Series

A series of irregular podcasts about random things that i'm interested in: demoscene, graphics coding, music making, web development, interactive m... [ www.tpolm.org ]

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Im+hobby+musician+%28as+ps%29+and+netlabel+owner+%28Enough+Records%29.I+can+tell+you+David+McCandless+analysis%2C+despite+already+outdated%2C+is+qu... [ blog.flattr.net ]

Blind Serpent

WebGL demo made for The Flame Party Helsinki Demo Competition. Soundtrack by Profan - "Sacrificing to the Serpent God". Illustrations by André Coel... [ www.tpolm.org ]

RE: Introduce yourself thread

moi everyone, i'm Filipe, known as ps on the intrawebs.am software developer professionaly but prefer to promote free music and experiment with dig... [ forum.flattr.net ]

ps sketches

ps's hand sketching experiments on paper and beyond. [ www.tpolm.org ]

imFlattrd.com - psenough

Check out my profile at imFlattrd.com! [ imflattrd.com ]