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Sound Designing / Audio Experimentation
SAE - Institute of Technology
(NY) Graduate
QRG is the alias of Guilherme Queiroga. Aside from being all the consoants of the musical family name Queiroga, QRG means "What is My Frequency?" when used by Radio Operators. A fitting name since the musicality of QRG is based heavily on Analog Synthesizers.

His sonic characteristics includes the use of Glitch and harsh sounds and beats, often combined with more ambient and harmonic sounds.


Music By Queiroga and Sebastian Kwasniewski This was made somewhere around 2007, my first completed song. Ignore it, it sucks. [ soundcloud.com ]

Decomposed Pretty Piano

I don't know what i was thinking, i just turn the boring and sad piano into some agressive madness [ soundcloud.com ]

Assassino tcheco Pré 02

Assassino Tcheco Versão 02 - última edição por: Fabra (http://www.myspace.com/ofbr) [ soundcloud.com ]

Assassino Tcheco Pré 01

Assassino Tcheco Versão 01 Com guitarras de Bruno Giorgi Última Edição: Q [ soundcloud.com ]

My Dear America

Introduction for the upcoming EP "Late Beginning" [ soundcloud.com ]

What is the colour of night?

I was doing Laundry. But i had my computer and a Microphone. I started recording everything around me: Washing Machine, Engine room of the buildi... [ soundcloud.com ]

Instant Musik! - Deformed Kid

From the Series of Instant Music All Synth Sounds are 100% Analog :) ---NOT FINAL--- [ soundcloud.com ]