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Haskell I/O in Five Minutes

The way you do I/O in Haskell may be radically different from what newcomers are used to, but in fact it follows a few simple rules. [ blog.raek.se ]

Running CadSoft Eagle Version 6 in Ubuntu GNU/Linux

CadSoft recently released version 6 of its PCB layout program Eagle. You want to use it in Ubuntu? Here's how to get it working. [ blog.raek.se ]

The re- functions

I recently realized that of the core Clojure regex functions (re-pattern, re-matcher, re-matches, re-groups, re-find, re-seq) I was completely unaw... [ blog.raek.se ]

Executors in Clojure

Java has a very useful package called java.util.concurrent, which contains classes and interfaces for tasks, task execution tracking, thread-to-thr... [ blog.raek.se ]