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redhog/ep_cursortrace on GitHub

Etherpad plugin to trace the cursor of other users in real time [ github.com ]

redhog/agpsd on GitHub

A gpsd logging and replication daemon [ github.com ]

redhog/ep_sketchspace_pdfbackground on GitHub

Add image/pdf annotation functionality to SketchSpace [ github.com ]

redhog/etherpad-lite on GitHub

An Etherpad based on node.js - Our goal is to make collaborative editing the standard on the web [ github.com ]

redhog/pyee on GitHub

A port of node.js's EventEmitter to python [ github.com ]

redhog/arwen on GitHub

A set of Django apps to handle booking, planning and documentation of a journey [ github.com ]

redhog/network-canvas on GitHub

An implementation of github "network" graph using HTML5 canvas instead of flash [ github.com ]