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I'm a musician, sysadmin and I write free software. Occasionally, I draw surreal pictures.

I'm a member of the Free Software Foundation Europe.

LilyStick --- Note engraver for StaffTab notation in Lilypond

The goal of the LilyStick project is to provide a note engraver for Lilypond that writes StaffTab(TM) tablatures for the Chapman Stick(R). Head to ... [ github.com ]

soundCLI --- a soundcloud client for the command line

soundCLI is a command line client for streaming music from soundcloud. Timed comments are displayed on the command line as the playback reaches the... [ github.com ]

The Elephly

The Elephly is a creature half elephant, half fly, a quarter duck and three quarters weirdness—amounting to 200% of pure awesomeness! Download the... [ elephly.net ]


The basic chord progression for this track I had in mind for quite a long time, but never quite found the right opportunity to shape it into a song... [ soundcloud.com ]