20 Flattrs Received From 15 People

Wordpress cache mit redis und uberspace

Redis ist eine In-Memory Key-Value Datenbank. Das heißt, dass die Daten im Arbeitsspeicher gehalten werden und deswegen besonders schnell verfügbar... [ repat.de ]

repat/mosloc on GitHub

Minimal Open Source Location [ github.com ]

repat/mosf on GitHub

Minimal Open Source Flashlight [ github.com ]

Support - droid-break.info

I moderate this page in my spare time. Since it is generously hosted for free on neocities.org, I don't have to pay for a server. The domain is aro... [ droid-break.info ]

repat/jsmdblog on GitHub

JSMDBlog is a blog software that works just with JavaScript and Markdown. [ github.com ]

repat/fizzbuzz-many-languages on GitHub

The Fizz Buzz Kata in a lot of programming languages [ github.com ]

repat/27c3-Android-App on GitHub

Android App for the Chaos Communication Congress 2010, 27c3 [ github.com ]

repat/perl-tk-shutdown-button on GitHub

A little button to shutdown the computer [ github.com ]

repat/simple-mrbs-app on GitHub

A simple app which displays the content of simple-mrbs-output in a webview [ github.com ]