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Debian Developer, GermanEnglish Translator, LPI Proctor

(Debian) Redirect Service

On http://deb.at/ I offer several convenience redirects. Those started off because I am a lazy typer but also because I didn't want to remember too... [ deb.at ]

Debian Backports

Over the last years I started to take care of a fair amount of backports from Debian testing to the Debian stable release so people can enjoy newer... [ rhonda.deb.at ]

Package Maintenance

Over the years a fair amount of packages piled up that I look after. Some require less work, others are pretty much time consuming. My package main... [ qa.debian.org ]

Debian BTS: cleaning up

Debian has way too many outstanding issues - and a fair amount of them actually aren't issues at all. I am doing regular cleanup work to weed out s... [ rhonda.deb.at ]

Rhonda's Blog

I put a lot of effort into my work on Debian in various areas, doing regular quality assurance efforts and helping others to find their way. In my ... [ rhonda.deb.at ]