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The Descender 63

Our freshly landed Mexico correspondent Arin Ringwald has started a travel blog about his journey to Mexico, where he is championing a cause which ... [ riotfish.com ]

Flora’s Favored Fauna

Art post! You'll probably notice a bit of a theme this week. The Descender starts its 5 week run on Friday! [ riotfish.com ]

The Descender 57

--> previously on The Descender [ riotfish.com ]

04-08 to 04-10

Another exciting installment of the Newspaper Comic Strip saga. [ riotfish.com ]

The Real Funnies

"Newspaper Comic Strip" is our flagship comic. It takes place in a real time "funnies" page, and our hero must struggle against apparent amnesia, b... [ riotfish.com ]


Our first Flattr Thing! Latest installment of our flagship comic, "Newspaper Comic Strip", running since 2006. Our hero sallies forth bravely to ta... [ riotfish.com ]