6 Flattrs Received From 3 People

Lamp - Laser Cut

This is a Laser Cut Lamp that I designed. I made the Globe by RickLaser and shined a light through it which looked cool so decided to make somethin... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Teardrop Pendant Light - laser cut

This is a laser cut teardrop pendant that I'm in the process of making. I think I'll end up with 3 separate drops as lights hanging in a circle at ... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Laser Cut Jewelry Tree

My Girlfriend and a few of her friends have been asking me to laser cut them a jewelery tree so I designed this one that can be cut from either 6mm... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Asymmetrical Wine Rack Design

Asymmetrical Wine Rack Design for laser cutting out of 3mm material [ www.thingiverse.com ]