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Romeo Wecks - Young composer and pianist

"Nachtstück No.1" - Romeo Wecks

Here is my newest piece for piano solo, played on a "Geyer" piano. It's a "Nachtstück" (Nocturne)with a especially nice tonality, i think. I hope y... [ soundcloud.com ]

Christmas-Fughetta for 2 flutes - Romeo Wecks

This is a little track for christmas of mine. A little fughetta for soprano and alto flute. I hope you enjoy! I wish all of you a merry Christmas!... [ soundcloud.com ]

Composition for clarinet and piano No.II - Romeo Wecks

This is a little piece for clarinet and piano. The 2nd one from a little cycle of mine for this instruments. ► More informations about me: ● ww... [ soundcloud.com ]

Miniature for Choir No. 1

This is just a little miniature for choir. I hope you enjoy this little track! :-) ► More informations about me: ● www.romeo-wecks.de/ (German onl... [ soundcloud.com ]

Improvisation "Endless unawareness" - Romeo Wecks

A new improvisational work of mine. This improvisation was also published on Youtube as "Improvisation Nr. XXVII", here is the video link: http://w... [ soundcloud.com ]

Composition: "II. Hopelessness" for violin solo

This is the 2nd piece of my new cycle for violin solo. Please have also a look to No.1: https://soundcloud.com/romeowecks/composition-loneliness. ... [ soundcloud.com ]

Composition: "Loneliness" for violin solo

This composition is the counterpart to the composition "Togetherness" (https://soundcloud.com/romeowecks/composition-togetherness), which I compose... [ soundcloud.com ]

Improvisation "Reflection" - Romeo Wecks

This is my newest improvisational work. Recorded on a "Geyer" piano. ○ This improvisation will also be published on Youtube as "Piano Improvi... [ soundcloud.com ]

Prelude No.4 by Romeo Wecks

This is my 4th prelude for piano solo. Recorded on a "Gebrüder-Knake" grand piano. ► More informations about me: ● http://www.romeo-wecks.de/ ... [ soundcloud.com ]

Improvisation Nr.5 - "The way into the new year"

This is my newest piano improvisation, called "The way into the new year". Recorded on a "August Förster" grand piano. The improvisation was also p... [ soundcloud.com ]