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Linux Filename Fails

So, we had some kind of long and gruel flame war at work today. Which was (unintentionally!) started by me asking if it\'s now possible with Window... [ blog.r-wos.org ]

Screenshot Monday 0

It\'s Monday, and - in order to keep me motivated and on track on my little graphics programming project - I hereby declare this day to screenshot ... [ blog.r-wos.org ]


One thing that is really nice about designing and implementing a programming language, is that you can define how it looks. Sounds simple, is simpl... [ blog.r-wos.org ]

Canvas Game Of Life

A colleague of mine recently introduced me to the language/framework called Processing. It\'s a Java-based visualisation language. It\'s meant to b... [ blog.r-wos.org ]

Fractal Garden

Some more Processing stuff: Fractal Garden is a L-System viewer. It\'s nothing fancy, I just wanted to have some base system to play around with fr... [ blog.r-wos.org ]

Fractal Garden 2

Did I mention that Processing is fun? Here\'s Fractal Garden Version 2 - this combines three things: First of all, it\'s a Conway\'s Game of Life S... [ blog.r-wos.org ]

Introducing DadaDodoWeb

Today in our series of funny quick hacks: DadaDodoWeb. I just downloaded Jamie Zawinski\'s dadadodo. This is a markov chain implementation that wor... [ blog.r-wos.org ]


...an about page, oh my. You can reach me on richard@r-wos.org, or via Google+ if that was your aim. Otherwise, thanks for stepping by! [ blog.r-wos.org ]

More Cowbell!

These guys are crazy. I just watched the great 2008 JAOO talk by Guy Steele and Richard Gabriel. Well, it\'s less a talk and more a programming lan... [ blog.r-wos.org ]

Graphics Programming

I\'m programming now for 6 years or so and I\'ve never written a game. A game that works, I should say. I have written my share of pongs and pacman... [ blog.r-wos.org ]