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PR. Concepts. New music business models. Social media. Online strategies. Berlin music conference all2gethernow team member. Creative Commons supporter.
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Wolfgang Senges@PHL011 Faire Verwertung mit der C3S

Flattr Wolfgang Senges@PHL011 Faire Verwertung mit der C3S [ phonolog.fm ]

Cultural Commons Collecting Society with Jason Sigal (FMA) & Chris Zabriskie at SXSW 2013

[For slides see post page] Last year, Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S) submitted an entry to SXSW’s Panel Picker. You may remember our cal... [ contentsphere.de ]

C3S: Creative Commons Verwertungsgesellschaft - in Gründung.

C3S, eine Verwertungsgesellschaft für Creative-Commons-Musik. Begründung, Ziele, Motivation, nächste Schritte und erstes Material. [ www.contentsphere.de ]

Musicians Can't Cope With Their Own Business

Immer, wenn ich eine beliebige Musikkonferenz besuche (oder ein Camp etc.), gehen mir die gleichen Dinge durch den Kopf: Wie viele Musiker sind hie... [ www.contentsphere.de ]

AdSense vs. flattr, Ads vs. Donations - What's Best? You Decide!

How to achieve better results in revenue - use of ads (AdSense) or donations (flattr)? [ www.contentsphere.de ]

Upcoming topics in music, copyright & marketing at ContentSphere

Overview to the programme of Berlin music conference all2gethernow. Also, it's an update to what's coming up at ContentSphere and shows current iss... [ www.contentsphere.de ]

ContentSphere - Music and Media in an Online Culture

ContentSphere is a bilingual blog discussing issues mainly but not solely in music. ContentSphere deals with music marketing (in particular DIY mar... [ contentsphere.de ]