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Developer working on core Firefox OS at Comoyo. Previously developer at Cloud9 IDE and TomTom. AmsterdamJS organizer, speaker and curious being.

sergi/go-diff on GitHub

Port of Google's diff-match-patch library to Go [ github.com ]

Making geolocation work on Geeksphone devices

This post is written for my own reference, in order to document the steps for getting geolocation working on Geeksphone phones. For a long time, an... [ sergimansilla.com ]

sergi/xslty on GitHub

Command-line XSLT 2.0 processor [ github.com ]

sergi/jsmidi on GitHub

Library for reading/writing midi files in JavaScript [ github.com ]

sergi/virtual-list on GitHub

Scrollable list of DOM elements that can hold an unlimited amount of rows without breaking a sweat [ github.com ]

sergi/pegjs on GitHub

PEG.js: Parser Generator for JavaScript [ github.com ]

Sergi Mansilla

That's the place where I blog and write articles about projects, ideas, prototypes and software in general. I hope you enjoy it! [ sergimansilla.com ]

sergi/jsftp on GitHub

Light and complete FTP client implementation in JavaScript for Node.js [ github.com ]