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RE: Introduce yourself thread

Hey everyone, I'm primarily using Flattr for my blog where I talk about Politics, Music and other geeky stuff. I'm from the UK and a very acctive m... [ forum.flattr.net ]

Questioning Myself?

I think I’ve gotten to one of those points in life where I’m considering whether what I am spending most of my time on is actually worth it. I’ve s... [ abandonyourfriends.co.uk ]

Malaysia Holiday Blog Update #6-9

OK, bit of a catch-up post now. By Saz for a change :) Update #6 18th July 2010 Rizal’s Birthday Dinner at Razim’s: Naturally, there was ... [ abandonyourfriends.co.uk ]

Malaysia Holiday Blog Update #2

Date: 14th July 2010 Time: 21:56 GMT Location: Sarinah’s Room (Where I Sleep) So I’ve now spent almost a day in the ridiculously hot country ... [ abandonyourfriends.co.uk ]

At Last, A More Substantial Blog Post: Malaysia/Flattr/Mod

I apologise for the giant lack of posts or even vague placeholders the past few days, it's been a constant railroad of events and stress that will ... [ abandonyourfriends.co.uk ]

Project: Left 4 LEGO

Today I brought some more of those totally awesome LEGO minifigs that come in boosters, I've already completed the collection so I wasn't intereste... [ abandonyourfriends.co.uk ]

|aX| Killing Floor: 4P/Hard/Survival

Starring: |aX| Sharkz |aX| Menchilol |aX| Lorven |aX| jsd124 [ abandonyourfriends.co.uk ]


While this isn't something you'd usually expect from this blog, my brother has pointed me in the direction of a rather interesting web cam online. ... [ abandonyourfriends.co.uk ]

Understanding Storytelling for Games – Two

Continued from this post. The part is about how storytelling is applied into different game genres. Games come under a variety of different catego... [ abandonyourfriends.co.uk ]

A Tale Of Tamriel: Nineus’s Diary, Entry #1

It's been a long day. The journey to Morrowind was not kind but I feel an urge to write these words down now before I lose track of what's going on... [ abandonyourfriends.co.uk ]