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What if You Got On the Phone With Your Blog Readers? A Guest Post by Abby Glassenberg

Image by Flavia_FF, via Flickr When Abby Glassenberg mentioned on Twitter that she’d been scheduling phone conversations with her blog readers, I ... [ www.craftypod.com ]

Re-calculating... (Or Why Good Exchanges Are Important to Sustainability)

Image bypygment_shots, via Flickr So, I know I haven't been very present around here lately. 2013 has started in a rather worrisome way for me, an... [ www.craftypod.com ]

My Local Quilt Shop Does Me a Kindness (So Be Sure to Visit Yours, Too!)

Today, I'm participating in a blog tour for Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day, which is January 24th worldwide. Portland is blessed with many fabric... [ www.craftypod.com ]

Free Podcast! Getting Real About Professional Craft Blogging, with Haley Pierson-Cox

All images in this post from Haley Pierson-Cox, used with permission. You're getting this show free for 30 days thanks to Swap-bot! Swap-bot is a ... [ www.craftypod.com ]

Why I'm Ending the CraftyPod Podcast

Seven years ago, I started a podcast on a whim. And that little show grew and changed and changed me along the way. About 150 episodes later, I fi... [ www.craftypod.com ]

Free Podcast! Taking Creativity on a Cross-Country Tour, with Jess Greene

All images in this post from Jess Greene, used with permission. You're getting this show free for 30 days thanks to Audible! Audible is the intern... [ www.craftypod.com ]

CraftyPod 2.0: Indie Craft vs. Fine Craft: How Are They Different? with Brian R. Jones

All images in this post from Brian R. Jones, used with permission. If you're a CraftyPod subscriber, you can get this show and over 100 others, pl... [ www.craftypod.com ]

Video: A Hangout with Hello Craft, discussing their new book and craft businesses

Here's a recording of the live Hangout I did with the ladies of Hello Craft. We talked about their new book, Handmade to Sell: Hello Craft's Guide... [ www.craftypod.com ]

How I Made My Online Diet Healthier in August: Do We Need to Just Get Over Comments?

In August, I thought a lot about blog comments. "How do I get more comments?" is the second most-frequent question I get asked about blogging. (Th... [ www.craftypod.com ]

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AAAAACK!! My sincerest apologies! Apparently my RSS feed has been broken for much of August, and I was whirling about too fast to notice. If you s... [ www.craftypod.com ]