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Free Dynamic-DNS

DHCP.io allows you control over records beneath the Dynamic-DNS domain dhcp.io. [ dhcp.io ]

Slaughter system administration tool

Slaughter is a perl server automation tool, inspired by CFEngine, but with a much simpler architecture. Because Slaughter requires only a simple... [ www.steve.org.uk ]

redisfs - A distributed filesystem based upon redis

The redisfs filesystem uses both FUSE & redis to provide a robust distributed filesystem which is vary simple to configure and deploy. [ www.steve.org.uk ]

The chronicle blog compiler

The Chronicle Blog Compiler is a Perl script which will convert a collection of simple text files into a full-featured blog - complete with archive... [ www.steve.org.uk ]


This site was created as a means to document interesting content for users of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system. [ debian-administration.org ]