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Math teacher living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Would you pay for Open Source Software

Recently Peter Toft wrote a blog entry (in Danish) entitled Hånden på hjertet: Vil du betale for Open Source?, which roughly translates into Honest... [ soerenbredlundcaspersen.dk ]

LoCo teams around the world

If you have been following the loco-contacts mail list you may have seen the recent hint that the coming LoCo Directory will be using the ownership... [ soerenbredlundcaspersen.dk ]

Running a Diaspora pod on Ubuntu 10.10

Edit: Since Diaspora has switched from mongo db to mysql, the procedure below is now outdated. I may or may not update this page, or write a new gu... [ soerenbredlundcaspersen.dk ]

+1, Like and Flattr

After some mental back-and-forth I have finally decided to add a Google +1 button, a Facebook Like button, and a Flattr button to this blog. You ca... [ soerenbredlundcaspersen.dk ]