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I'm a rock artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.My fans compare my music to Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World and Green Day.You can always listen to my music for fre

The Steve Fentriss EP

Steve's original four-song rock debut - this memorable album will shake your stereo and get stuck in your head. Listen to the whole thing here for... [ fentriss.com ]

The Steve Fentriss Blog

The official blog of rocker Steve Fentriss - full of Steve's insights into music and other stuff. [ fentriss.com ]

The Same World

Sharing an apartment [ fentriss.com ]

The Rest of My Day

As long as the sun comes up, no worries [ fentriss.com ]

Before I Give In

Life is too short to wait [ fentriss.com ]

Believe Me

She's got more issues than a newspaper [ fentriss.com ]

Steve Fentriss | Official Website

The official website of Steve Fentriss, a rock artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. [ fentriss.com ]