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English dictionary for Sailfish OS Lookup definitions, examples and related words. Results are taken from from several sources, so when in doubt l... [ tanghus.net ]

tanghus/harbour-swordfish on GitHub

English dictionary for SailfishOS [ github.com ]

Installing Ruby RVM on Ubuntu 12.10

I've never used Ruby even though it's apparently the language of the hour (or maybe some hours ago - I'm often late on such stuff), but had to use ... [ tanghus.net ]

ownCloud 5.0 beta 1

Start testing :-) From: Frank Karlitschek To: "owncloud@kde.org Mailinglist" Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 Hi everybody, I'm very happy to announce the be... [ tanghus.net ]

Syncing your N900 with ownCloud - an update

Back in January I wrote a post about syncing your Nokia N900 with ownCloud (btw, please read that first, if you have any questions/problems using t... [ tanghus.net ]

Currency Converter

Convert currencies using data from Yahoo! Finance web service. A simple Plasmoid created using PyQt and PyKDE4.   Features Select to and/or from ... [ tanghus.net ]

Syncing your N900 with ownCloud

The other day I was lucky to get my hands on and old, solid Nokia N900 device. As I'm very enthusiastic about ownCloud, and currently also coding a... [ tanghus.net ]

Backup ownCloud Calendar and Contacts

I have my ownCloud instance in a sub-domain at my hosting provider, so I prefer to make a weekly backup of my calendar and contacts. There is no do... [ tanghus.net ]

Tanghus @ PayPal Alternatives

Because of PayPal freezing donations to Diaspora I wrote a complaint to PayPal and asked my hosting provider if they would consider offering other ... [ paypalalternatives.wikispaces.com ]