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I’m No @ioerror But the Border Still Broke My Phone To Silence Me

Yesterday upon returning to the United States from Canada, the United States Customs and Border Protections ruined my HTC One by breaking off the c... [ falkvinge.net ]

PayPal Takes On Kopimism

For over a year now I have operated a fork of the Kopimist Church (Kopimists of Idaho – a fully recognized church), to process donations we have ac... [ falkvinge.net ]

Open Letter to US Border Patrol (CBP)

Yesterday, I was held for two hours (not detained, we will get into that later) by CBP, under suspicion that my political party (Pirate Party) in C... [ falkvinge.net ]

Maybe The Pirate Bay Should Sink?

As a movement based on forking, remixing, and letting the best products win are we really doing anyone any favours by continuing to use and promote... [ falkvinge.net ]

How To Bypass TSA / Airport Security

Security theatre is dangerous, not only to our civil liberties but also to our individual safety. I am going to outline some of the methods I know ... [ falkvinge.net ]

Operation Last Resort

Anyone who read my last post knows that the death of Aaron was hard on me, as it was to many in the Pirate community. Today the war for the... [ falkvinge.net ]

You Have Friends

This is not infopolicy related, so if you are only here for political stuff, I am sure your regularly scheduled programming will return soon. Today... [ falkvinge.net ]

Fast and Furious: A Prequel

Our latest Wikileaks release shows that the United States is assassinating Mexicans without trial, and the ATF gunwalking scandal may have just bee... [ falkvinge.net ]