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Theodore Kaye is an internationally recognized and published photojournalist. Clients include New York Times, Int'l Herald Tribune, Nat'l Film Board of Canada.

Contemporary Japan

Photos shot for a feature on Japan for Rhythms Monthly, as part of a global series on 'Islands of the world,' a comparative look at how various isl... [ www.theodorekaye.com ]

Silk Road 2.0

Photo feature on Chinese influence in Central Asia [ www.theodorekaye.com ]

Buzkashi in Tajikistan | Theodore Kaye Photography

Buzkashi in Tajikistan Popular throughout much of Central Asia, buzkashi is a form of horse polo in which horseback players wrestle a goat carca... [ www.theodorekaye.com ]

Bio | Theodore Kaye

Photography from Greater China, South Asia and Central Asia [ www.theodorekaye.com ]