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AngularJS: My solution to the ng-repeat performance problem

AngularJS is great. I started with BackboneJS as frontend MVC, but soon switch to AngularJS because of the concept AngularJS adds to HTML. AngularJ... [ www.williambrownstreet.net ]

Apple vs AppleADay

There is a small restaurant in Luxembourg City called appleaday. I would say there are about 20 chairs in this restaurant. Find more Images here. S... [ www.williambrownstreet.net ]

Youtube 2.1.6 on Android 2.2.1

After upgrade to Android version 2.2.1 on my Samsung Galaxy S, the YouTube application started to behave in a strange way. When I want to play a vi... [ www.williambrownstreet.net ]

Install ANDROID Development Tools (ADT) on Ubuntu 10.04 (and Eclipse)

I recently installed eclipse 3.6 and Android Development Tools (ADT) on my fresh Ubuntu 10.04 install. I followed the excellent and simple Installa... [ www.williambrownstreet.net ]

welcome to luxembourg

i am back to my native land, after 3587 days in switzerland and chad, after studies and work. no job, no (own) place, no social security, but yet m... [ www.williambrownstreet.net ]

Blog about Ubuntu in Luxembourg

My personal blog about Ubuntu, programming and other stuff in luxembourg [ www.williambrownstreet.net ]