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PHP REPL for Symfony and Drupal

One thing I have always missed in PHP is a useful and robust REPL. There is the built-in interactive mode (`php -a`) but it does not qualify as nei... [ vvv.tobiassjosten.net ]

tobiassjosten/boris-loader on GitHub

Loads project specific contexts into d11wtq/boris [ github.com ]

RESTify your API

If you are interested in reading up on RESTful architecture; here are some really good resources. [ vvv.tobiassjosten.net ]

Tobias Sjösten

Tobias is a web technician and open source aficionado who specializes in PHP and Linux. A geek, plain and simple. [ vvv.tobiassjosten.net ]

Shame on you, Loopia

Greenpeace recently put up a parody campaign site to highlight the damages on rain forest caused by the oil palm plantations of Neste Oil. The oil ... [ vvv.tobiassjosten.net ]

Dynamic prompt with Git and ANSI colors

I recently tinkered (again) to put my current Git working branch in my prompt. It resulted in very useful addition to the tool I use a lot in my ev... [ vvv.tobiassjosten.net ]

Installing Redis on Ubuntu with APT

Deciding to use APT to maintain your software is really a no-brainer if you are Debian based. I prefer Ubuntu myself and its repositories has a lot... [ vvv.tobiassjosten.net ]

Add current Git branch to your Bash prompt

Following up on my post about Git aliases, I want to share another convenience tool for using Git. This time we will talk prompt enhancement – the ... [ vvv.tobiassjosten.net ]