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I'm a mathematician working in Magdeburg, Germany

rm -rf lipsync

In my search for a fully open-source powered and self-hosted Dropbox replacement I have tried lipsync. I\'m usually not much of a ranter, but lipsy... [ pi-ist-genau-3.de ]

You own cloud

From time to time one reads how the move to the cloud threatens open source. Well, the big players google, facebook, apple, ... all offer their pro... [ pi-ist-genau-3.de ]

KDE 4.6 goes x86

This morning I'm committing the QT-4.7 and KDE-4.6 upgrade for stable x86 systems. Let me remind you to read the migration guide and if you are usi... [ pi-ist-genau-3.de ]


Gerade hat mich wieder so ein Strassenräuber angequatscht. Sein Angebot: "Eine kostenlose Kreditkarte von Barclaycard". Welche arme Oma kann man da... [ pi-ist-genau-3.de ]

News from a dying arch

During the last week I tried to get the x86-stable bug-count to show less than 100, which it did for a while this afternoon. Most of the packages I... [ pi-ist-genau-3.de ]

A mail setup for power users

This Howto describes a mail setup adhering to the unix philosophy of one tool for one job. [ dev.gentoo.org ]


I have discovered microblogging as a nice non-intrusive way of communication that I can also safely ignore for a while when busy. Real programmers ... [ pi-ist-genau-3.de ]

Computeralgebra on Gentoo

Here's my story: In 2008 bugs for sci-mathematics/Macaulay2 had been accumulating and eventually Macaulay was removed from Gentoo. Using this softw... [ pi-ist-genau-3.de ]

Digitaz - Tools für die digitale Tageszeitung

Digitaz ist ein Python tool um das Herunterladen und anschauen der digitalen Taz zu vereinfachen. [ www.pi-ist-genau-3.de ]