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Artifacts of Minidoka Japanese internment camp

Furniture and other artifacts, currently in National Parks storage on site in Idaho, made by people incarcerated at the Minidoka, Idaho Japanese in... [ www.facebook.com ]

Making Friends from Enemies

Throughout history, there are examples of deep-seated enemies overcoming their hatred and hostilities to becoming friends. Are there lessons to lea... [ www.facebook.com ]

troutmonfalco on Twitter

Artist, Buddhist, Geek, Vagabond [ twitter.com ]

Two Inches in Front of Me (photo series)

Sometimes, especially the times we are busiest or down, we lose track of the great things right in front of our eyes. I wanted to make sure I notic... [ galleries.troutmonfalco.com ]

What does Clean Water Have to do with Art? Blog Action Day 2010

For Blog Action Day 2010 we answer that question. We've also set up a campaign for donations - Water from the Arts - to help get clean water to peo... [ www.arthereandnow.com ]

Hong Kong Ocean Buoys

Off Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, a port of stockpiled ocean buoys. [ galleries.troutmonfalco.com ]

From 1987 Computer Chronicles, Computers and the Arts

The Computer Chronicles series ran for 20 years, covering the new and ever-changing world of computers for a broad audience. In 1987, they presente... [ www.arthereandnow.com ]

The Russian Empire in color, before color film exists

From 1909 to 1915, before the invention of color film, photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii won the support of Tsar Nicholas II to set... [ www.arthereandnow.com ]

Ten Contemporary Indian Artists

A feature on ten contemporary artists working in many mediums, producing great work and illuminating elements of Indian culture. [ www.arthereandnow.com ]