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What is visionOntv? visionOntv aims for the widest possible distribution of video for social change.


This is my personal blog, covering media, activism and geek, with a bit of food and gardening [ hamishcampbell.com ]

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Video for social change - create the world you want to see. Richard Hering, Kayte Fairfax, Marc Barto, Hamish Campbell at info@visionon.tv [ twitter.com ]

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visionOntv - looking at the state of the media and what you can do about it [ twitter.com ]

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Technology for progress - from solar power to setting up an independent TV station. What can technology do to make the world a better place? [ visionon.tv ]


Global Views channel Another World is Visible beyond the USA and UK. visionOntv brings you news and stories from across the globe [ visionon.tv ]


Grassroots channel Create the world you want to see! What's really going on in the UK? Activism, news, local campaigns, direct action - the count... [ visionon.tv ]


visionOntv is a video training project and independent Internet TV station. They organise DIY media workshop all around UK, teaching people how to ... [ visionon.tv ]