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Also see: Category:software Munin::Node::Client Perl module, see CPAN for more information: Munin::Node::Client Hash::Mogrify Perl module, see CPAN... [ blog.u2m.nl ]


Packages I try to maintain, please contact me if you have problems: libcwiimote patched for wiipresent fixed libcwiimote version of 0.4 AMD64 i38... [ blog.u2m.nl ]

Webminds public software

These are packages & modules I've written and build. Packages are build for either Ubuntu or Debian, most software was written in Perl. [ blog.u2m.nl ]

Teaching Mathematics, Year 2

So I made it to year 2. I can\'t say it was easy, and it actually did look like I wouldn\'t at some point. Mainly me missing retakes due to bureauc... [ blog.u2m.nl ]


Books I\'ve read (and recommend) We Are Iran [2], Nasrin Alavi Seeing Voices, Oliver Sacks The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas N. Adams... [ blog.u2m.nl ]


It was a hot day with temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius. So I decided to chill a bit at the Urban permaculture-garden SWOMP 4 in Amsterdam. SW... [ blog.u2m.nl ]