60 Flattrs Received From 13 People

Remembering Payday

Wanting to remember to run the payroll for my company, I was amazed to discover that Google [ webmink.com ]

On Terrorism

Some politicians seem to act as if “terrorism” means a terrible crime committed by someone who [ webmink.com ]

Software Patent Solution Under Our Noses

I was blown away by a paper by legal scholar Mark Lemley when I read it in full this week. He [ webmink.com ]

Apple and Connector Standards

It seems Apple wasn't serious when it promised the European commission it would use micro-USB. Read [ webmink.com ]

MySQL FUD Claim Needs Action, Not Words

  A chance encounter at the OFE Summit in Brussels, coupled with a provocative statement by an [ webmink.com ]

But What About Patents?

News of government support for open source in the US and EU this week is great. But at the same [ webmink.com ]

CDB has 0% citizen support

My Freedom of Information request for the summary of citizen input on the UK's Communications Data [ webmink.com ]